The 100 season 4: Episode 1, The Skaikru desperately tries to survive, our critic!

Cinema 2 February, 2017

While episode 1 of season 4 of The 100 has just been broadcast on the CW, back on the main events that have marked “Echoes”!
Here we go again ! And yes meltynautes after months of absence, the series of Jason Rothenberg finally made his comeback on the CW . We will not lie, the apocalyptic show we had terribly missed. Between treason, reversal of situation and terrifying revelations, the Season Premiere has made strong and plunges us into what will certainly be the most deadly season of the series. While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover if you were ready for Season 4 of The 100 , back in detail on the main events that marked “Echoes” aired last night. And the least we can say is that Polis is completely decimated by the last fight between the members of the City of Light and our heroes. And while Clarke and Bellamy fail to celebrate their victory as the threat of the end of the world weighs on their shoulders, the last survivors turn against the young woman. In their eyes, she is the only one responsible for all the dead that they must cry. So no time for Clarke to begin to construct a plan to save the Earth already need him save his clan . Indeed, Echo is back and she intends to take over the command of the Ice Nation. Without scruple, the one who had been an essential aid for Bellamy when they were locked up at Mount Weather decides to demand the death of the Skaikru and in particular of Clarke. But if the situation seems desperate, Roan is still alive. What to offer hope to the thirteenth clan to get out.
But before, Clarke gathers all his relatives to take stock of what awaits them now. Between the hug of Indra and Marcus and the revelation of Clarke, our heroes are far from resting on their laurels after the defeat of ALIE 2.0. They decided to foment a plan to rescue Roan who made the promise to protect the Skaikru . And after serious risk-taking, Roan regains his energy and status as a king. However, Echo does not abandon his plans and tries to convince him to get rid of Clarke in order to establish his power. Not necessarily very appreciated by the Ice Nation, Roan would have every interest to make disappear Wanheda to regain the respect and the esteem of its people. Hesitant, the king finally talks to Clarke who tells him that the apocalypse is near. Better, she offers him the flame as the ultimate proof of what she is advancing. Roan agrees to protect the thirteenth clan and lets them go and save the world. At Arkadia, everyone celebrates in his own way the destruction of the City of Light. While Monty and Harper finally let themselves go to their attraction and that Raven checks the sayings of ALIE, Jasper conscientiously prepares his suicide. The young man still has not overcome the death of Maya and it really hurts to see him so.
Fortunately, Monty stops her in time and Raven’s revelations seem to make her want to savor every moment. Will this be enough to convince him that life is still worth living? Finally, Murphy decided to escape with Emori so much the danger seemed inevitable alongside his friends. Hopefully their separation will not last too long. Indeed, Murphy is clearly the comic element of the series and we loved her “Glad to see you make you friends” launched Jaha when a grieving mother spat upon. Its spread is one of the strengths of The 100. In short, “Echoes” had everything to seduce us. Exciting and scary, this episode brought together all the ingredients that make the success of the series . All the characters must face their responsibilities and prepare to have to stop the inevitable. Can Clarke and Bellamy really save the world before it’s too late? Will Raven have a brilliant idea that will at least slow down the effects of radiation? Are all our characters condemned to die? One thing is certain, the show did not finish surprising us and despite months of absence, tension was omnipresent. Pending further information, see the series of the week with Clem program, The 100 and Vikings melty . What did you think of this episode?