The 100 Season 4: Episode 13, the end of the world arrives in the promo video of the Season Finale!

Cinema 18 May, 2017

While the episode 13 of season 4 of The 100 will be broadcast next Wednesday on the CW, let’s discover together the first unseen images of the Season Finale!Will space be able to save our heroes? And yes the meltynauts, a few hours before the arrival of radiation, our fetish characters have no choice: they must operate the rocket that will save them time by going into space. But did they really foresee everything? While Melty’s editor suggested that we discover our criticism of episode 12 of Season 4 of The 100 in which our heroes returned in space , let’s return in detail to the first unseen images of the Season Final released next Wednesday On the CW . And the least that can be said is that the radiation will push our heroes into their entrenchments. Only a few minutes from their end at all, They will have to make radical decisions to ensure their survival in space . But as we discovered this week, they have many parameters to settle if they want their plan to work.
Meanwhile, in the bunker, all those who had been stunned by the gas released by Jaha and Kane will wake up. How will Abby react when he discovers that the one she loves has not respected her wish to leave her place to someone else? Will she be able to forgive him? How will Octavia react when she learns that her brother will not come back with her into the bunker and is about to try the impossible? One thing is certain, we are in The 100 and other characters that we have learned to love over the years should succumb to the terrible wave of radiation. Who will survive? Who will leave us? Meeting next week ! While waiting for more information, (re) discover the video promotion of episode 12 of season 4 of The 100.