The 100 season 4: Episode 4, a matter of choice, our critic

Cinema 23 February, 2017

A few hours after Episode 4 of Season 4 of The 100 is released, discover our review of “A Lie Guarded”. Warning, spoilers!
Last night, The CW was broadcasting episode 4 of season 4 of The 100 . Entitled “A Lie Guarded”, the latter proposed exciting intrigues that had all – or nearly – the same commonality: choices. Indeed, if all the characters evolved in different places, they were confronted with difficult decisions, resulting in more or less surprising consequences. On the one hand, in Arkadia, Monty and Jasper discover that Clarke has drawn up a list of one hundred people who could be protected. Obviously, this news shocked them, putting the pretty blonde in a complicated position. Jaha then found an idea: there will be a lottery that will aim to name these hundred “lucky” . It is cruel, of course, But much more equitable. Anyway, Clarke now has the wrong hat in his friends’ eyes and we can imagine that the tensions will increase afterwards.
On the other side, Roan learned that our heroes were building the ship that would allow their people to take refuge when the radiation arrives. A betrayal, according to the king of the Ice Nation who breaks the alliance between his people, Skaikru and Trikru. For the moment, he seems determined to go to war with the latter, which announces a particularly busy season . A character is out of the lot this week: Echo. The latter (which one can no longer see in painting, by the way) finally gets what it wants: that its people dissociate themselves from the others. In passing, she thinks she killed Octavia and the announcement of her death at Bellamy was a heartbreak. Well, the young woman is still alive, But in view of her state of health, it can not be assured that she will return to Arkadia safe and sound. In any case, this pseudo death is quite disappointing (who can survive a fall like this?). Especially since we knew she would survive! In fact, this scene reminded us of the death of Oliver in Arrow’s Season 3 (episode 9).
Many choices have been made this week and Luna is one of those characters facing a crucial decision. Accept to give blood or leave? Thanks to Raven, the pretty brunette has taken the right decision, but we are not sheltered from an umpteenth twist (we strongly imagine her death soon, making things so complicated). One thing is certain in any case: with this episode, The 100 continues to fascinate us this year. The worst remains obviously to come! Ah and last point: Jasper is more and more unbearable, do not you think? We meet next Wednesday for a new episode of The 100, but in the meantime, find on melty the program of the week . What did you think of this episode?