The 100 season 4: Fill up with revelations about the next episodes!

Cinema 6 January, 2017

While Season 4 of The 100 will be launched in less than a month, make full revelations about the upcoming episodes.
It is February 1 next that the fourth season of The 100 will be launched on the CW . A new season awaited by fans of the series who were disappointed last year. But the sequel promises to be promising! Yes, when we find our heroes, the atmosphere will not be at the top. Indeed, incapable of stopping the nuclear explosion, the inhabitants of the earth will have to learn to live with this fatality. Everyone can not be saved and it will result in the cancellation of certain alliances and the formation of new . Despite all this, The Season 4 100, including a new promo was unveiled , will love be in the foreground. Kane and Abby, Murphy and Emori and Monty and Harper will always be together. Obviously, Clarke will have the support of Bellamy who will be with her while she will be forced to make new decisions that could change everything.
On her side, Octavia will be in a very dark period. We will find her in the skin of a murderer, which will delight Indra. If the City of Lights has disappeared, do not believe for a second that the Flame too. Nope, this new season will continue to offer us this aspect SF series wanted to embrace last year . In any case, one thing is certain: when we find Clarke, the young woman will be set aside by many people, accusing her of having taken from them the paradise of the City of Lights. Season 4 of The 100 is February 1st on The CW. What do you expect from this new season?