The 100 season 4: How will the season end?

Cinema 24 April, 2017

A few days before the big return of the season 4 of The 100 after a month of absence, one wonders already how all this will end.
Soon it’s April 26th and so it’s soon time for the episode 9 of season 4 of The 100 to be broadcast that the fans have been waiting for several weeks already. But it’s not “DNR” that we’re going to talk about today, but rather about the remaining 5 episodes until the end of the season and what might happen. Between two nuclear apocalypses, wars and ever more difficult choices for survival, it must be admitted that Clarke and his surviving clan have done rather well this season. In any case, it’s good enough to avoid a lot of deaths among the main characters, unlike season 3. But if we think about what might happen in the last episodes, we justly think that this could change quickly. So it’s first of all about the death of Jasper . Let us not forget that he almost committed suicide in the beginning of Season 4 and that his character was supposed to die, so there are chances that he will discover the full value of life just before he dies.
The second thing that could happen at the end of Season 4 would be a rescue in extremis in the bunker discovered by Jaha and the cult of Second Dawn. Indeed after their solution to protect themselves on the Ark literally went into smoke, then that tests with the nightblood were not conclusive, it is assumed that the third solution could be the right one. All the survivors could therefore head for this unexpected refuge to endure the wave of radiation that arrives in a few days. Third element that can be expected: the arrival of a new Commander . And we give it to you in a thousand: it will surely be Clarke. The remaining candidates to receive the Flame are Luna and Clarke, and Luna has already made it clear that ” She did not want that role. If Clarke were to become Commander, she would find a small part of Lexa in her and could continue her legacy of peace and understanding among peoples.
Finally we wonder if Season 4 of The 100 is not going to end with a leap in time. Now that we know that the radiation arrives much faster than expected and that it will probably take five years for the Earth to become habitable again, it is possible to find Clarke, Bellamy and the others in the air ” Pure “in season 5 , after spending years cloistered in a bunker. This would have a big impact on the relations between the characters and especially the agreement between Skaikru and Grounders who would have been forced to spend years confined in a confined space. Could a new mixed culture emerge from this time together? Will the screenwriters really make a leap in time as big? It will take a little while before knowing … Waiting until Wednesday and the new episode, a new explosive trailer of episode 9 of season 4 of The 100 is available on melty! What do you expect?