The 100 Season 4: Luna and Murphy soon as a couple?

Cinema 22 November, 2016

As the season 4 of The 100 will not return before February 1, 2017, new rumors about the possibility of discovering Luna and Murphy couples!

the-100-saison-4-episode-1-spoilers-videoA new story! And yes meltynautes if Murphy seemed madly in love with Emori in the third season of the show flagship CW , it could quickly fall under the spell of the beautiful Luna and his philosophy so different from those of its friends. While the editorial ‘of melty offered you finally discover the date of return of season 4 of The 100 , back on the latest rumors unveiled by the site GameNGuide. Thus, according to their information, Luna could finally accept to become the new Commander. Better still, it could win with more firmness and determination as Chief of the thirteen tribes Lexa was rather led by his love for Clarke. By agreeing to become leader, she will completely change the fundamentals of Grounders ? But that’s not all because Murphy could get closer to her over the episodes. But will he seek sincere with it or there simply to protect themselves?
Indeed, knowing the temperament of Murphy, we know he is capable of anything to survive. And if the new Luna guidelines should not suit him, no doubt he would not hesitate to use his charm to get what he wants. Unless Murphy and Luna can have a real favorite while offering a nice development of their respective characters . One thing is certain, Murphy must first get his confidence before it lends a hand to the other tribes against the Apocalypse looming. Especially since the main difficulty of this new chapter will be to find a solution that suits everyone to combat the impending chaos. At the editorial ‘we have never been so excited to see the new episodes. Pending further information, we wondered if the trailer for Season 4 of The 100 would arrive soon. What do you think of this possibility?