The 100 season 4: Marie Avgeropoulos, “Octavia is not going to hesitate to kill people!”

Cinema 26 December, 2016

While the season 4 of The 100 will be launched as early as February, the beautiful Marie Avgeropoulos has agreed to confide in an interview with SreenerTV on the future of Octavia!
Will Octavia return to the path of light? And yes the meltynautes our heroine lived difficult times recently and lost Lincoln was so brutal and so painful that the young woman lost her footing. While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover five things we can remember the trailer of the season of The 100 , the talented marie avgeropoulos agreed to entrust to the site ScreenerTV about what to expect Octavia at this fourth chapter. And the least we can say is that it is not going to remetre as easily : “At the end of Season 3, Octavia déinitivement took a very dark turn happened to him the thing. The most horrible possible, apart from being born and raised in a room under the ground. She lost the love of her life, the only man who ever truly believed in her and who opened the door to her She can become a Grounder and a warrior. ”
As explained by the young actress, murder Pike has clearly not enough to calm her: “She thought that by killing Pike, it could create a kind of bandage to relieve his injury .” It is therefore certain that the pretty brunette will continue in this way hoping to find solace: “Octavia is very gifted when it comes to killing people It’s not that it takes any pleasure in the fact or. She’s just good at it, she’s never been good for anything else or more useful than that thanks to this ability so she’ll really explore that part of herself and this territory Obscure for some time. ” One thing is certain, we wait to see the further adventures of our heroes of this post apocalyptic world . Pending more information, be aware that many deaths are expected in the season 4 of The 100! What do you think of these confidences?