The 100 Season 4: Octavia is she pregnant?

Cinema 24 November, 2016

Season 4 of The 100 promises to be decisive for Octavia. While his storyline is kept secret, the rumors of a possible pregnancy. Explanations.

the-100-saison-4-octavia-marie-avgueropoulosIt is a metamorphosed Octavia that we should discover from February 1 in season 4 of The 100 on The CW . The most badass brunette Series suffer the “emotional” impact of the death of the love of life and his revenge on Pike (Michael Beach). Just that ! While a theory on the possibility of a new love for Octavia after Lincoln in season 4 of The 100 circulating on the web in recent weeks, the thesis of the day is a possible pregnancy come . For now it is, of course, more of a fantasy formulated by a group of fans as a real information obtained through official channels! The origin of this rumor goes back several months. At the time Aaron Ginsburg, executive producer of the series, had cryptically said in an interview that “during the Season 4 character wait …” , without going into detail, without clearly speak of a pregnancy. This statement could have fallen into oblivion, but is now back and serves as an argument for feeding wild speculation. There are some days, it is the American hunter spoilers Tiffany Vogt who presented this theory to the fore.
The journalist said on its website Seat42F , it was very surprising that the future storyline Octavia (Marie Avgueropoulos) is kept so secret. Moreover, it also explains that production gives a lot of trouble for that no photo-promo for next season on which Octavia figure does leak … Proof, she says, that the production is trying to hide something. It was enough for him more imagine that this “something” is the round belly of Octavia. Obviously, within us, any fan of Lincoln respecting thought there. A child would be the fruit of true love between a Grounders and a member of Skaikru would be a nice way to live his memory and give birth to a human being novel mix. Nevertheless, this theory seems unlikely … too optimistic in view of Season 4 ultra violent that promises … But who knows, Everything can be possible, such as the formation of a new couple, Murphy and Luna, in the season the 4 100. According to you, this assumption can it hold water?