The 100 season 4: Our top 3 best episodes of the season!

Cinema 20 June, 2017

While season 5 of The 100 will air in 2018 on the CW, discover our top 3 of the best episodes of season 4!
We make the point! Yes, the meltynauts, if the fourth season of the show of Jason Rothenberg has divided many fans, it remains that certain episodes have conquered us. It must be said that, despite the disappointments, The 100 always manages to captivate us. While Melty ‘s editor suggested you discover how the other characters would react to Clarke and her daughter in Season 5 of The 100 , let’ s go back to the three best episodes of The 100 ‘s fourth season!
3 / A Lie Guarded (4×04)
In this episode, tension was at its peak as Clarke had to choose from among his people those who could survive. A decision with consequences and putting his relatives in a state of nerves certain. Furious to see that it was Clarke again who had their fate in his hands, Jasper and Monty decided to reveal the list to all Sky People compelling Jaha to intervene. Meanwhile, Bellamy and Kane found themselves in a very delicate situation in Polis. Worse, Octavia was stabbed to death at the very end of “A Lie Guarded.” An episode full of twists and turns that allowed us to test again the limits of our characters on the CW .
2 / God Complex (4×08)
Remember, while Clarke, Abby, Raven, Jackson, Emori, Luna and Murphy were stuck in Becca’s lab, they decided to experiment with Nightblood, the only way to survive the radiation. After considering testing Emori, the young woman ended up finding the perfect parade to designate someone else. Clarke and his mother decided to experiment with the same determination as the Mount Weather in season 2. “God Complex” showed how wonderful our heroes had evolved and that those they had taken for monsters before, Maybe not so bad. Like them, they wanted to survive and at any cost. A nice parallel!
1 / Die All, Die Merrily (4×10)
Undoubtedly, it was the best episode of the season so much the arena was a place as unpredictable as happy for the fans of the first hour. Above all, it was centered on Octavia who offered us an extraordinary evolution since the beginning of the show. Moving from the carefree girl to a brave woman capable of courage and sacrifice for others, she is clearly no longer the same . Many deaths and changes in this episode which gave a boost to the intrigues. So much for our ranking! While waiting for more info, do not forget to vote for the 2017 World Cup to allow your favorite show to win the victory !

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