The 100 Season 4: The trailer soon?

Cinema 18 November, 2016

While the launch date of Season 4 of The 100 was announced it recently, it may well be that the trailer is coming soon. They tell you everything!

the-100-saison-4-episode-1-spoilers-videoThis week, the third season of The 100 was launched in France on the channel SyFy . If VF French fans will discover that now this third chapter, the biggest fans of the series have not waited dubbing it and they now think that following the events. The show Jason Rothenberg will return on February 1st in the US and one wonders all will look like this new batch of episodes. I must say that the end of season 3 left little doors open and we so towards the unknown . But things could change shortly since after the launch of many teasers of Season 4 of The 100 was unveiled , the trailer for the new season could happen soon.
The official Twitter account of the writers of the show have posted the following message: “To those who ask us the trailer: working on it must make sure it is perfect.” . Clearly, the trailer for the fourth season is during assembly and final details (such as special effects) should be added now. Last year, the trailer for season 3 was placed online Dec. 14 . If all goes as planned, the fourth chapter should arrive in a small month. In the meantime, discover the stills from Season 4 of The 100 , melty on. What do you expect of this trailer?