The 100 season 5: A death already confirmed?

Cinema 30 May, 2017

While Season 5 of The 100 will not be broadcast for several months on the CW, six years will have passed for our heroes. Can we expect terrible losses?
A character already condemned? The Meltynautes, while we are barely recovering from the end-of-season cliffhanger with a leap in time, the disappearance of the rocket and the daughter of Clarke, the coming months are very complicated so we will have to take Our pain in patience before we can know the end of the story. Worse, with a leap in the time of six years, it is quite possible that some characters did not survive . While Melty’s editor suggested finding out when The 100’s season 5 would be broadcast , Isaiah Washington recently announced that he was leaving the show. A news that largely questions the fate of Jaha in the fifth chapter of The 100 as the ” Jason Rothenberg told an interview with E! Online : “Sometimes we are forced to decide on the death of a character based on factors external to the show: the actors’ contracts or simply because they want to do things completely different.”
The showrunner goes on to say: “This is the only reason why one of our characters could die in the leap in time without seeing this story unfold before our eyes. Tell the story of the death of a very important person without seeing it in pictures unless it does not depend on me. All I can tell you is that all the characters who were alive at the end of the Season will still be alive at the beginning of the next season finally … probably . ” These are very mysterious statements! Waiting for more information, find out the first details about the sequel of the season 5 of The 100 on melty. What do you think of the possible death of Jaha?