The 100 Season 5: SPOILER pregnant and struggling in the sequel?

Cinema 30 June, 2017

A few months before the return of The 100 for a season 5, we wonder if a character would not be pregnant …
After a season 4 of the 100 eventful and still many dead , we wait for season 5 with impatience but we still fear what will happen to certain characters. After 6 years of jumping in time and difficult conditions for all, each of the groups will surely have survived complex situations and we still have all the time to speculate on what happened in space, on Earth And in the bunker. Today it is in the bunker and more particularly in Octavia that we will be interested.
It is assumed that in the bunker also the rules of survival will be strict. With hundreds of people imprisoned for at least 6 years and limited resources, a high birth rate would quickly become catastrophic. Could it then be that Octavia falls unhappily pregnant and must make a decision similar to that imposed upon her when she grew up on the Ark? Since she is at the head of all the survivors of the bunker, one imagines that it would probably do no harm to her own child, but the dilemma would be present. It is also possible that she herself does not get pregnant but that a couple of the bunker has a child and that she must decide the fate of the child as others decided of hers. This would allow the series’ To tackle an essential theme for survival: reproduction, while still drawing a parallel with the intrigues of the beginning. Waiting to know if this could have happened to him, discover our top 3 of the best episodes of season 4 of The 100 on melty. What do you think ?