The 100 vs. 13 Reasons Why: Will Clarke Make Weight Against Hanna?

Cinema 28 June, 2017

In this second week of competition, The 100 faces 13 Reasons Why! Who will Clarke or Hanna Baker put her rival KO?
This is a second week of intense competition that we are witnessing! This 2017 World Cup is in full swing and you are still the most likely to vote for your favorite series. Besides, there is nothing to relax because they count on you. You can vote every day HERE or on our Facebook page . While Gray’s Anatomy confronts Pretty Little Liars , The 100 will fight neck to neck with 13 Reasons Why and attention, the fight promises to be epic. We find in both teams, two incredible heroines. On one side there is Clarke , Leader despite her since the beginning of The 100 and the other there is Hanna Baker who moved all the spectators with the 13 reasons for which she committed suicide. If both series deserve both of them to qualify in the quarter-finals, which will surpass the other? It’s up to you to decide !
If Clarke has an incredible strength and a steel mind, Hanna Baker has not said her last word and it has many qualities. She managed to stir millions of fans and the series was one of the most watched on Netflix . The community of fans who follows her is quite crazy and 13 Reasons Why has really managed to score minds. Moreover, it had been a long time since a series had not been so addictive. This game G looks very intense and the choice will be very complicated. The two series are already neck-to-neck and the gap is minimal. To reverse the trend for one or the other one must not forget to vote every day! The 100 and 13 Reasons Why are two formidable opponents, but by the end of the week there will be only one. You are rather team Hanna or team Clarke? It is you who decide and who have their destiny in your hands! While waiting to know who will qualify in the quarterfinal, find out who Teen Wolf or Arrow will win! Which series do you prefer?