The 7 Best Weed Strains for Insomnia and Depression

Health 15 April, 2019

In the past, the mere mention of marijuana usually brought to mind images of spaced-out stoners engaging in reckless behavior with their fellow pothead friends. But thanks to several factors including widespread legalization, more and more people are realizing the huge medical potential of the plant.

In the United States, thirty-three states have legalized the medical use of cannabis while six out of ten Americans are in favor of legalizing weed according to a study by the Pew Research Center.

Although widespread legalization has only been possible in recent years, marijuana’s therapeutic effects were already recognized in the ancient world. Aside from its medical applications documented in ancient Chinese and Indian medical records, William Brooke O’Shaughnessy, the Irish physician usually credited for introducing weed into Western medicine, also used the drug to treat health issues like melancholia and as a sleeping aid.

If you are curious about how marijuana can help with conditions like insomnia and depression, here are seven of the best strains that you should know about.

Alien OG

A combination of Tahoe OG and Alien Kush, Alien OG offers a unique, out-of-this-world high. With THC levels as high as 25 percent, it is one of the most potent strains today, and just a few puffs are enough to induce intense relaxation.

Alien OG has the fresh lemon-pine smell and taste that is distinctive to OG strains, and consumers get a very potent high for both body and mind. Its uniquely strong effects make Alien OG a great option for treating stress and depression. Keep in mind that it has some uncomfortable side effects such as dry mouth and dry eyes.

Agent Orange

Don’t let the name freak you out. The only battle the Agent Orange strain will unleash is the battle against depression, low energy, and anxiety. Great for uplifting the mood and inducing those happy vibes, this nifty hybrid is a result of combining Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper strains.

If the mood-enhancing effects haven’t convinced you yet, then you’ll be curious to know that this strain features refreshing orange and citrus scents. Usual side effects include dry mouth and slightly dry eyes.

Amnesia Haze

With its mood-enhancing and energy-boosting effects, Amnesia Haze is a sativa strain that you will not soon forget. It features lemony and citrusy flavors, making it great for perking you up in the morning.

Some users also describe Amnesia Haze as a versatile strain that can be smoked in a social setting for spreading good vibes or alone for inducing rest and relaxation. Side effects to look out for include dry mouth and moderately dry eyes.

Bubba Kush

A rare indica strain, Bubba Kush is infamous for its extreme tranquilizing effects. In addition to that, it features a unique symphony of flavors like subtle chocolate and coffee that will tease your taste buds when you exhale and that is the prelude to deep relaxation. Users experience muscle relief, lower stress, and better moods. Side effects include dry mouth.


Just like its namesake food product, the Cheese marijuana strain is notable for its sour aroma. But equally worth noting is its powerful effect to relieve anxiety and insomnia.

This indica-dominant hybrid has a somewhat-mysterious history, but its roots can be traced back to the 1980s, and it is said to be a descendant of the Skunk number 1 phenotype, which is well-known for its pungent smell. Watch out for side effects like dry mouth and dry eyes.

LA Confidential

A highly popular strain, LA Confidential is known for being a very calming variant of the indica strain. Even with just a few puffs, you’ll find yourself floating off to your happy place with a smile on your face and all set to catch some much needed Zs.

When you use higher doses, you’ll find LA Confidential extremely useful for inducing sleep and deep relaxation and for treating acute pain. The flavor is notably spicy and hashy with slight sweetness. Side effects include dry mouth.

Northern Lights

A weed Hall of Famer, Northern Lights is a pure indica strain that is well loved for being resilient and fast flowering. Popular hybrids like the Shiva Skunk and Super Silver Haze are said to be descended from this strain.

Featuring a distinctive smell that is a balance of pungent, sweet, and spicy, Northern Lights offers relief to muscle pain and calmness to the mind, which enable consumers to drift off to deep sleep or experience better moods. Side effects include dry mouth.

Cannabis can be useful in treating various health conditions including insomnia and depression, but make sure you keep up-to-date with the latest news about marijuana laws in your area and the drug policies in your workplace. Although marijuana has seen increased acceptance in recent years, legislation remains volatile, with laws varying across states and even workplaces. If you worry that you might fail an upcoming drug screening, you could undergo some form of detox to help eliminate traces of the substance in your system.

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