The addiction to games soon to be classified as a disease by the WHO

Health 31 December, 2017


Published on 31.12.2017 11: 00


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When we use the word addiction, we think rather of the drug ; not to money games. Yet well over 1 million French and French suffer.
Gambling, but also gambling, because the modern world has also led to video games, especially on the internet. Where the excessive play is rather a problem of adolescence and is the new “dress” of the crisis of the same name.
As with all drugs, it is the excess that is in question. It is first and foremost a hobby is therefore an activity that is useful to balance social and psychological. Then we pass from the ” social game recreation “, ” gambling “, of which the balance sheet was rather negative, and then the game truly ” pathological “. And there, one understands well, that life becomes impossible and the balance of the couple or the family becomes the issue. Without word game !

No addiction without pleasure

All addictions are born of pleasure : drink a glass of wine this may be delicious, make love, not magic. It is the repeated pathological, unstoppable and the disruption of life that this brings, transforming the pleasure in hell.
The games implement all the levels of fun, fun archaic, the will to win, to pleasures more elaborate like this one to share emotions with the other. The game allows you to have fun in an imaginary world while expressing his own creativity. While giving an individual the impression to escape the constraints of reality. Moreover, there is no civilization, culture where the game is absent ; it is a need of man.

The hormones of pleasure

The game, is not a substance that is injected into a vein. Love no longer ; but our brain knows how to make it in the 2 cases, some hormone of pleasure which are essential… such As endorphins, these substances close to the morphine that secrete long-distance runners for less suffer, and which make them addicted to miles. It is true that the addiction to the game is less fast as with hard drugs, but it is real.
As for alcohol, the state is not dissatisfied with this situation, because the game does get a lot of money in the funds, this certainly explains the delay to take the issue to arm the body.

Services specialized hospital

Fortunately, this addiction is treatable. It is the work of psychiatrists specialized. It is important to know that the pathological application of the aid in late, often at the stage of despair. It is thus necessary to help her before … And know that there is in certain hospitals, the services that specialize in these treatments.
Abstinence has little meaning because play is an innate activity of the human being. In fact, the care is first to try in a first step, to limit the adverse consequences, psychological and financial. For this, psychotherapy or support groups have shown their effectiveness. It should not make the fine mouth in front of the measures of financial constraints which range from the prohibition of access to the casinos, to the prohibitions of the bank.

And we are still waiting for a clear legislative framework on the regulation of online games.