The Ascension: A touching and refreshing comedy, our critic

Cinema 27 January, 2017

Today in the dark rooms comes the comedy L’Ascension, a positive film that does good!
We need beautiful stories and this is what Ascension offers us! Moviegoers have plenty to do in the halls with exits from La La Land to All In scene and finally Ascension . These three films are really Top and in their own way, they go up our morale and we restore the POTATO! Directed by Ludovic Bernard, L’Ascension tells the story of Samy who, to convince the girl he loves that he is ready for anything for her, decides to climb Everest while he has NO experience in the domain. So few people believe in him, Samy foils the forecasts and will make his friends, his neighborhood and the whole of France vibrate.
A beautiful story taken from a real event and it is all the more touching. We laugh, we are moved and we discover that nothing is impossible if we give ourselves the means to realize his dreams. A beautiful life lesson and a film that gives hope! The cast include Ahmed Sylla, Alice Belaïdi or Kevin Razy and Nicolas Wanczycki. Go to the cinema to have a good time between friends or family!