The attacks in Catalonia : Marine Lorphelin, the former Miss France dealt with “racist” after his tweet tribute to the victims – Gala

Entertainment 19 August, 2017


In coming to the support of the victims of the attacks of Barcelona on Twitter, Marine Lorphelin has used a word that has raised the indignation and the anger of some users.

The intention was laudable, the return of flames was ruthless. Many personalities from the world of politics, entertainment or sport have already lent their support to the victims of the attacks in Barcelona on the Thursday, August 17. Among them, Marine Lorphelin was keen to share her excitement on Twitter by posting a message demanding. “The political will they finally decide to protect european citizens ? All my thoughts moved to the victims and their families #Barcelona” has posted the young woman before deleting his comments a few hours later. In question, insulting comments of internet users.

In fact, he has enough of a word to trigger the wrath of the Canvas. “The “European” is shocking, there are victims of these thugs on all continents. Future doctor.. the words have a meaning #please reassure me” accuses him of a twitto, recalling that Marine Lorphelin is in medical school and that every word counts. The former Miss France is first defended with vehemence via a new tweet : “You make me laugh on Twitter. You interpret everything, you insult for free… One question : do you feel safe, protected ?” has criticized the beautiful.

I agree, #meaculpa, the whole world is affected,ms I refuse to be insulted/treated in a racist pr you write ” european “.

— Lorphelin Marine (@MarineLorphelin) August 18, 2017

Prey of internet users, Marine Lorphelin was mostly shocked that it deals with ” racist “. The ambassador of the association of the Good Fairy, who has already been the prey of a controversy regarding his studies of medicine, then tried to calm down the game while remaining on the defensive : ” I agree, #meaculpa, the whole world is affected, but I refuse to be insulting/racist for having written ‘european’ “.


Marine Lorphelin

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