The attacks in Spain : The note to the gender of Jean-Michel Aphatie on the dress of Audrey Crespo-Mara does not pass – Gala

Entertainment 20 August, 2017


After making a note on the fashion choices of its sister Audrey Crespo-Mara, Jean-Michel Apathy has been the target of messages that the virulent blaming him for his sexism.

He would have had to abstain. Then he was visibly in front of TF1 Friday to the JT 20h, Jean-Michel Apathy, could not help but point the finger at the conduct of the journalist Audrey Crespo-Mara. He has criticised the presenter will be wearing a red dress at a time when Catalonia was licking its wounds after the deadly attacks that occurred at Barcelona. Jean-Michel Apathy has posted his message on Twitter : ” Not sure that the red dress of Audrey Crespo-Mara is very suitable for the news this evening “. A comment which was poorly understood by many internet users.

“Gender-based “, ” totally moved “, ” mysogyne “, ” pitiful “ : such were the words used by tweeters visibly outraged by the message of the political journalist who has received a volley of green wood on the social network. Some noted with irony that a ” high level of journalism “ while others have criticized the fact that he would never have said that to a man. Some users have preferred the humor to respond to Jean-Michel Apathy, the attacker frontally on his physique and his ” lack of hair “ or using the second degree, defining it as a ” columnist mode “ in counter-employment on the policy issue in question.

Not sure the red dress @audrey_crespo is very suitable for the news this evening @TF1LeJT

— jean-michel aphatie (@jmaphatie) August 18, 2017

From its side, the partner of Thierry Ardisson for the moment, joker’s JT remains committed to be the number 1. It did not react to the words of his brother , and prefers to focus on his career conducted at the time on TF1 and LCI.

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