The Avengers 3 Infinity War: A more mature Iron Man?

Cinema 13 February, 2017

While he has accustomed us to take everything lightly, Iron Man will seem more mature and more serious in The Avengers 3: Infinity War.
Known for his incredible sense of humor and his enjoyable sarcasm, Iron Man may be darker than what he has accustomed us to in The Avengers 3: Infinity War , of which you can discover a first video of the shoot . Or at least, a little less fun than before. It must be said that the billionaire in the heart of palladium has somewhat drowned in Captain America 3: Civil War , between the “betrayal” of his friend Cap ‘and the accident of his best friend, War Machine. But it is not so much that will make him lose his humor. In fact, Iron Man will be simply more mature, especially thanks to the special relationship he will develop with Spider-Man , aka Peter Parker, a 16-year-old teenager. It was Robert Downey Jr. himself who spoke about these changes in a Q & A video with his fans. “Tony Stark has matured a bit. But when you think about it, I think what has changed is the universe around it, is not it? There are so many new offspring now … Peter Parker is part of it , “he said.
In Spider-Man Homecoming , Iron Man will develop a mentoring relationship with Peter Parker , who will be asking him for responsibilities far different from those he had as a superhero. Yes, even if he was to save the planet. The Avengers can no longer do anything, they must be an example for future generations, and Iron Man will surely understand it with the spider-man. He will not be able to do anything or say anything, having now a youngster who takes him as an example, and that is why the superhero will ripen. And then, faced with a villain such as Thanos, whose transformation into an image you can see , who is ready to destroy everything in his path to become the most powerful thanks to the Stones and the Glove of the Infinite, we imagine that it too , It makes you think twice before boasting as Iron Man knows so well. You do not think ?