The Avengers 3 Infinity War: Gamora confirmed at the casting!

Cinema 10 January, 2017

Interviewed on the Golden Globes red carpet, actress Zoe Saldana confirmed her presence in The Avengers 3 Infinity War.
Gradually, The Avengers Infinity War 3 nests. And if we do not know much about the film for now, except that it will be centered on Thanos and the Stones of the Infinite, promising battles like never before, We know at least one thing: the casting will be big, very big. The rumors even talk about fifty super heroes, nothing but that! The Avengers, of course, as we already know them, but also the new ones and … The Guardians of the Galaxy! At least, Star-Lord will be present , that’s certain. The Russo brothers themselves confirmed it in April 2016, giving a rather exciting role to the latter. But the others? One of the screenwriters hinted that Rocket Racoon would be in the game, but nothing has been confirmed so far. But guess what, today, we can add one member of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the table and it is none other than Gamora ! And the information comes directly from the actress Zoe Saldana .
Asked by MTV News about his presence in The Avengers Infinity War 3 , Zoe Saldana answered with a nod of positive head, before declaring, impatiently: “I do not know when they will let me read the script. I’m not really looking forward to five hours of make-up, but every time I get on the set, I finally feel happy and lucky to be there. I can not wait ” . One would have suspected, of course, since the brothers Russo have themselves declared that the films would combine everything that has been seen in the MCU until now, including characters. Besides Gamora is the favorite adopted daughter of Thanos . A family connection that could well be the key to stop Thanos in his quest for the Stones and Glove of the Infinite. While waiting to learn more, discover what superheroes would in turn be absent from the cast!