The Avengers 3 Infinity War: Peter Dinklage (GoT) in the role of MODOK?

Cinema 13 January, 2017

This is the rumor that we hope to see realized: Peter Dinklage to the casting of Avengers Infinity War. But in what role could we find him?

Fans of Game of Thrones and Avengers crossover you’ve always dreamed of seeing may soon happen! Nope, Team Iron Man and Captain America will come to help counter the Jon Snow White Walkers and the Hulk will not come to learn manners Cersei (although we all dream of reliving the scene Hulk / Loki The one that exploded everyone) … On the other hand Tyrion could switch universes! Okay, it’s not really him but the actor who lends him his features. We announced on melty, Peter Dinklage is in the midst of negotiations to join the Avengers universe and suddenly, everyone raises the question: what role could it play? The most attentive to all the news concerning Marvel may have found our first clue thanks to an interview of Christopher Markus (currently working on the script of Avengers Infinity War).
While working on the script of Captain America The Winter Soldier , he said: “I love MODOK and I think a movie with him would be really great, but no one agrees with me now … I get to convince Peter Dinklage in the role … If it appeared in giant floating in the air, everyone freak out. it would be great ” . If until Marvel Studios films have not allowed the appearance of MODOK, Avengers Infinity War looks so explosive that the character of Comics could perfectly “melt” into the background! What role would you like to see Peter Dinklage?