The Avengers Infinity War: A change of look for Captain America (Chris Evans)?

Cinema 17 July, 2017

New images of the highly anticipated Avengers Infinity War were unveiled at the D23 and we have news about Captain America.

The last time we saw Cap ‘, he dropped the SHIELD and set out to release his teammates imprisoned in a federal prison. No, you do not dream, since he refused to sign the Sokovia agreements, Steve Rogers is considered a criminal! The good news is that he still has a conscience and that he will be present for all to save us from Thanos (or at least try to save us from Thanos) in Avengers Infinity War and the good, excellent news Is that the first images of the film were unveiled at the D23, the big Disney / Marvel Studios exhibition that is taking place right now in the United States.

The bad news is that the pictures shown are not available online, but we have the description thanks to the lucky journalists present on the spot. Thus, it is known which Avengers will cross the Galaxy Keepers first in Avengers Infinity War and we can already tell you that Cap ‘will have the right to a change of look! Yes, the Steve Rogers that we will find in 2018 will have a beard and longer hair … Done the superhero look all clean on him, Cap ‘enjoys his status of “criminal.” We can not wait to see these pictures!