The Avengers Infinity War: A huge catastrophe scene shooting in Atlanta

Cinema 23 May, 2017

The shooting of the highly anticipated Avengers Infinity War continues and a major disaster is brewing. Our superheroes are going to have to be up to it!
Our favorite superheroes have been recalled to battle and a large part of them are now in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. This is where the Pinewood studios used by Marvel Studios are located for most of its shootings and the stars of Avengers Infinity War are working at this point . If Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt or Chris Evans are our favorite heroes on the big screen, the production of the film has just launched a call for the casting of everyday heroes. Yes, the team is looking for firefighters, policemen or paramedics to come and take part in the filming in July.
The appeal of production offers a great opportunity to showcase these men and women and also proves that directors want the most credible reactions possible. The film is so awaited that if the scene turns outdoors, we should get some pictures in July and we confess that we are looking forward to know which superheroes will be present on D-Day! We announced it with a new synopsis of Infinity War, Thanos will stop at nothing to destroy everything and our heroes will have the bread on the board!