The Avengers Infinity War: A very important plot for the Hulk / Bruce Banner?

Cinema 17 July, 2017

Mark Ruffalo was present at the D23 this weekend and teased what awaited his character in the next two Avengers.

Fans of the MCU have yet to recover from their weekend rich in revelations after the D23, the huge Disney convention for which virtually all superheroes had made an appointment (WHERE IS YOU CHRIS EVANS?). Mark Ruffalo aka Bruce Banner aka Hulk has responded to Kevin Feige’s call and while we will meet him in a few months alongside Chris Hemsworth in Thor Ragnarok, the actor has agreed to teaser his role in the much awaited Avengers Infinity War and the continuation that has for the moment no official title announced. Cult of the secret Marvel Studios oblige, Mark Ruffalo obviously did not go into details, but we take everything we can get!

While answering the famous question “When is a solo movie on the Hulk?” Mark Ruffalo replied that the plot written for his character in the next two Avengers was somehow a solo film all by himself and That there would not be much left to exploit after these two films. The alter ego of Bruce Banner has already evolved a lot in phase 3 of the MCU between his privileged relationship with Black Widow until his exile decided at the end of Avengers Ultron’s Era and we are anxious to know what The next movies reserve us! While waiting to learn more, we find the Hulk face Thor on a new Ragnarok post unveiled this weekend!