The Avengers Infinity War: All the cast members forbidden to play in a movie

Cinema 20 June, 2017

Who said there was no war between Marvel and DC Comics? Chris Hemsworth proves the opposite
Josh Brolin in Cable in Deadpool 2 when he already plays Thanos, it does not matter because even if it’s the 20th Century Fox, it stays at home. However, if the actors want to go to DC Comics, they will have problems . This is what Chris Hemsworth explained during his stay at the Supernova Comic-Con in Australia, and it was downright illegal for him and the other MCU actors to accept a role at DC Comics. Does it concern everyone, even the secondary roles or just the main actors? He did not give any details on that side.
In any case, this statement goes completely against what the leaders of Marvel Studios and DC / Warner want to show the public, namely a cordial understanding and mutual congratulations. Thor is right to worry about his future , but as they say, business is business and the measure is not really amazing even if one has to take the statement of the actor with tweezers. It was on a panel, and the word “illegal” could very well have been used as an exaggeration to make the audience laugh , especially since we do not really have the context and that it never specified that it was written black On his contract. So, it could very well be something informal and Marvel encourages his actors to remain faithful without forcing them.