The Avengers Infinity War: Doctor Strange on the ground, Scott Lang on the run …

Cinema 6 July, 2017

Not easy to be a superhero if we believe the new photos of the shooting of Avengers Infinity War.

Hard to be a hero! The news is not reassuring for the Avengers. The latter are in full shooting of the highly anticipated Infinity War and they really do not look serene though they are among the most powerful beings. Yes, the actors are out of the studios and now work outdoors which allows the most curious (so we) to have images of this film that will be released on April 25, 2018 is in an eternity! It is not the form for those whose mission is to protect the Earth, but also the universe of the dark force and more precisely Thanos for this new adventure.

Who to start? While Doctor Strange gets ko by a guy weirdly dressed (yes we know he does motion capture, but he’s chelou anyway), Scott Lang aka Ant-Man does not seem to do A run to relax and seems rather preoccupied. When Bruce Banner, who is accompanied by Wong, he seems to be waiting for a divine message. Will he get it? While Scarlett Johansson recently confided that a scene shared with Mark Ruffalo on the shooting of Avengers Infinity War had left it devastated, it is realized that indeed this adventure looks INTENSE.