The Avengers Infinity War: Doctor Strange & Spider-Man on a leaked photo

Cinema 20 July, 2017

Nothing ever remains very secret today and a first leaked photo of Avengers Infinity War has just arrived to us.

THE EXCITATION IS REAL! Of course, we’d rather have some good, official images, but we’re so excited to discover Avengers Infinity War, which looks like the biggest superhero movie of all time. Accepts without groaning a leaked photo, although suddenly one is never 100% sure that the picture is really film shot. This first photo comes from a Reddit user and we find Doctor Strange and Spider-Man in full action visibly in a serious moment. Both wear their superhero outfit and read “Protect them, they are not dead”, a sentence pronounced by the Supreme Sorcerer to our new spider man!

We are not really surprised to see these two teams teaming together since they both are keen to save the city of New York and we are really looking forward to seeing this collaboration because our personality, Two heroes are not exactly the same. Finally, we would not want to miss another detail unveiled in this picture, but it seems to us that it is our dear Scarlet Witch that looks bad in point just beside … We know that Avengers Infinity War will be a very challenging adventure for our superheroes and not all of them can survive!