The Avengers Infinity War: No changes for the teams in the film

Cinema 23 June, 2017

Chadwick Boseman was clear, the teams will remain the same in The Avengers Infinity War.
If The Avengers Infinity War will have many villains , the heroes are going to have another problem, namely to get together. When Chadwick Boseman was asked if there would be any change or additions in the superhero teams , as might be the case with his character Black Panther, the actor was categorical but at the same time rather vague when he said “No. No new characters. All the same. ” The two teams that appeared at the end of Captain America: Civil War will have no major changes in their line-up?
On the one hand it seems logical, since Black Panther is fighting for his country, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange being characters a little apart in this super heroic landscape. In addition, we must expect that part of the film will focus on the reconciliation between the two camps because if the line-up has not changed as Boseman says, there are Things to be said between Tony Stark’s Avengers and the dissidents of Steve Rogers , despite Captain America’s benevolent letter to Iron Man at the end of the film. The other free electron in this equation is Captain Marvel since there is absolutely no idea what role it will have in the coming war.