The Avengers Infinity War: Scarlett Johansson devastated by a scene between Black Widow & the Hulk

Cinema 4 July, 2017

The Hulk will return to the Avengers Team in Infinity War and will recross the path of Natasha Romanoff …

If the Hulk’s departure at the end of Avengers Ultron’s Era saddened the entire team, it was certainly Natasha Romanoff who was most affected by the loss of his team-mate. Yes, Nat and Bruce’s reconciliation did not escape anyone and even when the Hulk was out, Black Widow was the only one able to more or less control it. After endangering the planet with the creation of Ultron to finally save it just after (not without collateral damage, sorry), Bruce Banner and his alter ego simply disappeared from the radars without warning and without saying goodbye. It is Thor who will recover the Hulk in Ragnarok and it is certainly together that they will join the Team of Avengers to fight against Thanos in Infinity War.

If you are one of those who fully support the couple Romanoff / Banner, you will be delighted to know that the two will be reunited for a scene that left Scarlett Johansson devastated. “I just finished shooting Avengers Infinity War, the first one.” My character shares a connection with Mark Ruffalo and one day, after a scene, I was devastated. Can not say why, is something in his character, a being supposed to be solid and which suddenly collapses … It reminded me of the things that unfolded in my life at the same time. We hope that Scarlett has recovered morale since then, but we would be lying if we told you that we can not wait to discover this famous scene! Rumors announce that the first images of Avengers Infinity War could be unveiled at the release of Thor Ragnarok and we cross our fingers to make it true!