The Avengers Infinity War: Thanos Wields the Glove of the Infinite on a First Poster

Cinema 17 July, 2017

He is coming ! Thanos, in all its power, is revealed on a poster of The Avengers: Infinity War shown during the D23! And attention, the Glove of the Infinite is there too.

It was time ! The very first truly official images of The Avengers: Infinity War have landed! During the D23, we were treated to a very first sneak peek in which we could discover, among other things, which Avenger would first meet the Guardians of the Galaxy, which is enough to put any fan of Marvel in stir. And we should expect the studios to give us more news in the days to come. But what we want, especially, is to finally see our heroes gathered on the big screen and meet Thanos, if possible in all its power. Fortunately, the meltynautes, we have today the opportunity to observe the big bad of The Avengers: Infinity War thanks … to a very first poster that slams. Because in addition, it is accompanied by a rather cool object! So it’s not fun, is it?

And yes, after showing himself in a first preview, Thanos as it will be in The Avengers: Infinity War returns to a new poster presented during the D23. And what can we see on his left wrist? The Glove of the Infinite of course, with its 6 Gems that sparkle! And throw it away! Especially as Thanos appears face uncovered and with a terrible expression that sticks to his role of villain. Like what, even a small poster is enough to transcribe the power of the Titan Fou. But does the fact that he owns the Glove and Gems of the Infinite on the image means he will get his hands on ALL artifacts during the film? We hope for our Avengers that no. Already because one of the Stones is encrusted in the front of Vision and one does not want to imagine what would happen if it were taken from her. Then because a Thanos in possession of the Glove and the Gems would become impossible to stop. Anyway, this poster puts our eyes full and makes us even more impatient to see The Avengers: Infinity War arrive in the dark rooms!