The Avengers Infinity War: The first trailer will be unveiled with Thor Ragnarok?

Cinema 28 June, 2017

It is both good news and bad news and we explain why we think so.
If there will be no change in the teams for The Avengers Infinity War , the promotional schedule of the film also seems fixed. When we asked Kevin Feige, the big boss of the Marvel studios, when we could see the first trailer for the film , he gave a vague but at the same time very precise answer. “It’s a good question. I am not sure. I think it will be late summer, early, mid-autumn? Probably Ragnarok. ” So we pass in a sentence of I do not know too much on November 3, 2017 , the date of release of Thor Ragnarok.
We find it a little shame because even if we are happy to know when we can see the trailer, it also means that Marvel will not show much about the Avengers at the San Diego Comic Con 2017 which is now arriving in a few weeks . The casting will probably be present but after a statement like this, one does not expect to see a trailer, even if pictures or a scene remain a possibility. Of course, it’s also possible that Kevin Feige will voluntarily scramble the tracks, but with the upcoming Thor movie, but also Black Panther , Spider-Man Homecoming and with a bit of luck, Captain Marvel , the studios have plenty to do without having to depend on Avengers to ensure the show.