The Avengers Infinity War: What communication between the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy?

Cinema 12 July, 2017

The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy will meet for the first time in Infinity War and they might with some communication problems.

It is a bit the encounter we all expect, the moment when the greatest heroes of the Earth will FINALLY meet the greatest heroes of the universe. We can already imagine Thor facing Star Lord, Iron Man facing Gamora … We can not wait! Zoe Saldana had teased a meeting between the two groups in space for Avengers Infinity War and the fans ask themselves the question: how will the members of each team do to understand each other? Yes, the Guardians do not all speak the same language and when one has to save the world from an enemy like Thanos, it is better to be sure not to understand one another? The good news is that James Gunn took the time to explain everything to the most curious fans.

In answering a question on his Facebook page, James Gunn said: “They will all have integrated translators. They all speak different languages, but not all languages ​​will be integrated, such as Groot’s.” Groot will have to stay near Rocket or somebody in his team to be sure that the mighty heroes of the Earth understand his “I am Groot”. We image pretty well a Doctor Strange or even an Iron Man lose patience in front of our favorite tree and we would rather see it with Spidey or even Thor! New images of the shooting of Avengers Infinity War have been unveiled and our superheroes still have intense hours ahead of them!