The Avengers Infinity War: When Does Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man) Go?

Cinema 4 July, 2017

Robert Downey Jr does not intend to play Tony Stark until the end of his life and he already knows when he intends to stop.

It’s a bit of the anguish of all the Marvel fans, when one of the stars of the MCU officially abandons his superhero job … We already had a little scare with Chris Evans aka Captain America who Arrives at the end of his contract with the MCU, but who announced recently that he would be well present in the next two Avengers … OUF! Chris Evans is not the only one to be on the start since it is also the case of Robert Downey Jr who accepts film after film to return, but who is not contractually obligated to accept what Marvel proposes to him. As long as quality and envy are there, Robert Downey Jr is pleased to participate, but he already knows when he will say Bye bye to Iron Man’s armor.

Interviewed by News Corps Australia, Robert Downey Jr. said: “I could have said right from the first Avengers’ release that it will never be that good, we have to stop there. Opportunities and working with the right people like the Russo brothers I love. ” He continues: “Everybody tells me that this role me like a glove, I have to start again every time, but I start from a solid base and I do not want to spoil everything by accepting once again to play Iron Man then That I no longer have the level I want to stop before it becomes embarrassing for me “. We obviously understand his feelings, but it is still difficult to imagine someone else in the role of Tony Stark! The good news is that we do not have to wait until the release of Avengers Infinity War to find Robert Downey Jr in the shoes of Iron Man since he will be casting Spider-Man Homecoming next week at Cinema!