The Avengers Infinity War: Which actor does not have the right to read the script?

Cinema 30 June, 2017

The executives of Marvel Studios hold so much to their secrets that they forbid even some actors to read the scripts!
The superheroes of the MCU form a large family and as in all large families, the secrets must be well guarded. You know, the Marvel Studios executives do not like to reveal the plot of their films and have a hard time accepting that sometimes the shooting images leak on the web, but what can they do? They can not control everything, it’s part of the game and that does not prevent the spectators from going into the dark rooms. What they can manage, on the other hand, is what the actors have the right, or not, to say in interviews. Moreover, when asked Chris Evans , Chris Pratt or even Scarlett Johansson what awaits their character in the next films the answer is always the same ”
The next two Avengers are announced as the apotheosis of Phase 3 of the universe Marvel and Kevin Feige and his teams are so tense at the thought that some elements of the plot leak that they banned an actor from reading the script. Tom Holland aka the new Spider-Man said, “I do not know anything about the movie or about the plot, I know who the villain is, but that’s it.” They refuse to let me read the script because That I am very bad when it comes to keeping a secret “. It is assumed that Tom Holland at least had access to his own lines of dialogue since he was seen on the set and had released a video of him burning the script of Avengers Infinity War .