The Avengers Infinity War: Which Avengers could wear the Glove of the Infinite?

Cinema 10 March, 2017

To defeat Thanos, our Avengers will surely have no choice but to snatch the Glove from the Infinite. But who is in the best position? They tell you everything.
In 2018, from the Avengers to the Guardians of the Galaxy, including Dr Strange, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Ant-Man and Captain Marvel, all superheroes of the MCU will meet together in one film, The Avengers 3: Infinity War . And for good reason, they will have to face the greatest villain of all time: Thanos. The latter has seized the Glove of the Infinite and something tells us that it will quickly recover the Stones that go with it, then ready to put the chaos in the universe. And to stop him, he will surely have to snatch his glove and use it against him. But who among all our superheroes would be in the best position? In melty, we thought about it and our first choice is Captain America , of course. After all, he’s a little bit like the leader of the Avengers. And most importantly, the most responsible and ethical of them. If our heroes manage to stop Thanos and Captain America is still alive , something tells us that he will be unanimously elected to wear the Glove and repair the damage caused by Thanos.
But let us admit that Cap ‘dies tragically, or that he is not in a situation which allows him to take possession of the Glove of the Infinite. Who could replace him? Star-Lord ? The hero of the Guardians of the Galaxy proved that he was ready to sacrifice himself to save the universe when he did not hesitate to seize the Stone of Power at the end of the first part . And then, the fact that he is able to touch it without disintegrating immediately proves that he is endowed with great powers, or rather worthy in any case. And something tells us that his role will be rather important in Infinity War . And if it was he who put an end to the chaos of Thanos? One thing is certain, if the opportunity presents itself to steal the Glove from the Infinite, Star-Lord will be the first to launch! After,
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And that’s where we think of Dr. Strange . Introduced last year as Benedict Cumberbatch , the Supreme Sorcerer, besides his stripping humor, is perhaps the wisest of all. And above all, one of the most powerful, able to manage the Stone of Time, aka the Eye of Agamotto, but also to travel between several dimensions. He is therefore well placed to wear the Infinite Glove and repair Thanos’ damage, but also to keep it in a secret place, in a dimension specially created, for example, by the Supreme Sorcerer. And above all, it could also, if Thanos is not killed, send the great villain sailing eternally in the confines of an infinite dimension. And who do you think could carry the Glove of the Infinite?