The Avengers Infinity War: Will the Guardians of the Galaxy be more serious?

Cinema 2 May, 2017

The Guardians will meet the Avengers in Infinity War and many fear they lose a bit of their identity without James Gunn behind the camera.
This is the moment many expect, this scene in which the Guardians of the Galaxy will finally meet the superheroes always busy saving the planet Earth: The Avengers . The good news is that this dream sequence will take place in 2018 in Infinity War and we are so excited that it is hard to admit that the release of the film is not for now! Fortunately we get to get some details from time to time and this time it is to Chris Pratt that we owe it. You know, the Guardians of the Galaxy are not heroes like the others and they stand out in the universe Marvel .
James Gunn has put the Galaxy Keepers in the spotlight and will make them into unavoidable characters in the Marvel universe, but he will not be in command of Avengers Infinity War, which worries fans of Star Lord and his team . Will the brothers Russo capture the essence of his characters? Here’s what Chris Pratt said: “The Guardians are doing really cool stuff in Infinity War, it’s very funny, it’s really like the Guardians, it’s our tone and our atmosphere. the Russo brothers who carry the film, James Gunn is one of the executive producers. He and Kevin Feige was much discussion and no one has done whims ” . Here we are reassured! At the same time, Everyone’s interest that the characters and their personalities are respected so as not to disappoint the fans! For the most curious, the first shooting images of Avengers Infinity War are available and unveil some spoilers!