The Batman: Matt Reeves compares the judge to Caesar of The Planet of the Apes

Cinema 6 July, 2017

Batman and Caesar, same fight? The director of the next film about Black Knight Matt Reeves ties a link between the two characters in a recent interview for The Planet of the Apes Supremacy.

You may know: The Planet of the Apes Supremacy is coming out next Wednesday. Since then, the good reviews have only rained, praising the work of director Matt Reeves. A filmmaker who will soon be at the head of The Batman and whose studios are rather excited to see the work! Meanwhile, the director gives interviews about The Planet of the Apes Supremacy and of course, questions about the next film with the Black Knight do not escape. The latest revelation concerns a link between Batman and Caesar, the emblematic figure of the new franchise The Planet of the Apes.

Matt Reeves made the analysis for the famous Variety. “What I notice when I see Batman, and interesting is that he reminds me of Caesar. He’s a character with a troubled past who Takes it upon himself to try to do good around him in an imperfect, corrupt world. ” Between the primate and the Black Knight there would be only one step! It must be admitted that from the first episode to The Planet of the Apes Supremacy, which the director also compared to a western, many events took place for Caesar. This makes him a tortured and complex character … like Batman!