The Batman: Matt Reeves does not want the script of Ben Affleck

Cinema 13 July, 2017

While the release date of The Batman is not yet fixed, Matt Reeves has just released a bomb: he no longer wants the script written by Ben Affleck. The director wants everything to resume from scratch!

In recent times, Matt Reeves has been pretty busy, to say the least. But now that The Planet of the Apes – Supremacy, which looks more like a western than a war movie, is close to the release, the director can start taking care of his next blockbuster: The Batman. A few months ago, we learned that Matt Reeves was going to enter the DCEU by realizing the new solo film of the Justicier de Gotham. Since then, and until now, we were sure: if Ben Affleck had left his place of director to Matt Reeves, the scenario would indeed be his work. Obviously, we all expected the new director to rewrite this script by putting his paw on it, but the American director decided to go even further. Recently invited to the MTV podcast, Happy Sad Confused, Matt Reeves simply gave up Ben Affleck’s script.

“It’s a new story, we start all over again. I’m excited, I think it’s going to be really cool.” A small bomb for all fans of Ben Affleck, who were eager to discover how the 44-year-old actor would resume the story of his own character. At the same time, we might have suspected, given the recent statements of Matt Reeves. A few days ago, he claimed to want to make The Batman, which is perhaps the first episode of a trilogy, a black thriller to explore the detective side of the superhero. Now he has his hands free to do whatever he wants with his film. Hopefully it will not set a bad atmosphere on the set between the director and Ben Affleck …