The Batman: What will Matt Reeves’ style bring to the DCEU?

Cinema 17 July, 2017

Matt Reeves, known for Cloverfield and several parts of the franchise The Planet of the Apes, will take the lead of the next Batman. But what will the director bring to the DCEU?

It’s official for a while: Matt Reeves will lead The Batman, the next adventure of the Black Knight. The successful director thanks to Cloverfield should be able to offer something great to the DCEU, the connected cinema universe of DC Comics. But then what will the filmmaker bring to the latter? First of all, Matt Reeves has always been a big fan of Batman as he announced recently in an interview. What better than a filmmaker who knows his subject to offer him the best possible narrative? The style of Matt Reeves (whose Planet of the Apes Supremacy was compared to a western by the latter) should also decide with that of Zack Snyder or Nolan. The director has always offered his films an epic dimension and great show, sometimes away from the total darkness of the adventures of Batman in the cinema in recent years.

Without forgetting that the director has decided to sweep away the script of Ben Affleck, determined to take it all back. And that’s not all: Matt Reeves would see a franchise grow around The Batman. Hope for the DCEU to see its universe grow, to multiply the connections and not to see the Black Knight become a separate entity (like that of Nolan for example, which existed only in his own universe). However, the presence of Deathstroke is no longer as safe for Joe Manganiello. Will the super villain disappear from the plans of the DCEU or will it be reserved for later? Only the future will tell us! With his enormous stable, the Warner has enough to hold a good time all the same …

But the question that turlupin fans remains this last: How will Matt Reeves connect The Batman to the other superheroes? By the release of the film, Justice League will be available and the universe even bigger, offering its place to new characters. On this side, the fans count on the director to offer the multiple tracks necessary for the expansion of the DCEU! The Marvel Cinematic Universe has only to shake: a competitor with great aspirations prowls and expects to offer a lot of darkness … But we will have to wait a little while since The Batman is not planned for right away.