The Beauty and the Beast: 4 new photos and a cover unveiled

Cinema 17 January, 2017

The Beauty and the Beast is revealed a little more through 4 new photos of the film as well as the cover of an American magazine!
The images are multiplying before the movie Beauty and the Beast . The latter, produced by Disney, will feature Emma Watson – known to all for playing Hermione in Harry Potter – in the role of La Belle. Dan Stevens pitched meanwhile the role of the Beast, formerly prince made the victim of a curse because of his greed . The American magazine Total Film took advantage of the interest in the future release of Beauty and the Beast, in which will participate and John Legend Ariana Grande to unveil a blanket. This Emma Watson’s character, pink in hand and luminous robe, is turning her back to a dark and melancholy Beast.
The photos unveiled by the magazine also show passages between Beauty and the Beast. A love story as a message of acceptance and forgiveness already adapted many times in the cinema. This live-action version of Disney should approach the cartoon produced by the same studio in 1997. Emma Watson has also sung in a nice trailer Golden Globes Beauty and The Beast , proving at the same time that Music will have a central place. To discover this new adaptation, we will have to wait a little (but not too much). The film will fit in our cinemas on 22 March. What do you think of these pictures?