The Beauty and the Beast: A sure success for Disney?

Cinema 8 February, 2017

In a few weeks, the new live-action of Disney will disembark in the rooms. Very anticipated by the public and especially by the studios, will this film be up to?
The appointment is made! It is on March 22 that will come out in the dark rooms of France the adaptation in real takes of one of the great classics of Disney. Until recently, Emma Watson presented new images of Beauty and The Beast , enough to rekindle among the most impatient fans. The big question that some ask is whether the film will manage to meet the expectations of Disney? It must be said that the exceptional summer 2016 for studios with the outputs of Zootopie (to US $ 341 million), The world of Dory (more than $ 1 billion worldwide) and the live-action the jungle Book (to US $ 364 million)! The Beauty and the Beast thus undergo a certain pressure in order to remain up to the previous works. But for now, the film looks set even before its release being from the first 3 days number 1 selling tickets online on a family film, even exploding the record held by World of Dory last year. Paul Dergarabedian analyst ComScore said: “I think now Diseny, it is to maintain this level of success for their films and I think that Beauty and the Beast will reverse the box office.” .
The performance of Emma Watson will also be particularly scrutinized, it must be said that the young woman has abandoned the film a hit now La La Land to dedicate to Disney . Scott Mendelson contributor at Forbes explains what he thinks high expectations of the film: “Unless the film is really bad – this will have repercussions on the next – the expectation is so high that excellent performance could be described disappointing in a way. I think the film has the potential to be one of the biggest films of the year but that does not mean that Disney should panic if he makes the results of Evil ” . So this is a movie that we will hear about for a while. All the ingredients are in any case met for a quality film, either cast side as the soundtrack where Ariana Grande and John Legend accompanying the latest trailer delighted with the Beauty and the Beast . Answer at the end of next month! Do you think the film is going to be a hit?