The Beauty and the Beast: Belle or Cinderella, what role is best for Emma Watson?

Cinema 18 January, 2017

You might not know, but before she played Belle, Emma Watson was offered another role as Disney Princess!
More than two months before discovering the big screen live-action Beauty and the Beast 4 new photos and coverage have been unveiled. After numerous roles in the movies, Emma Watson slips into the skin of one of the most popular Disney princesses, Belle. A role that the actress incarnates with joy, having confessed that the character was one of his favorites since the age of 4 years. But did you know that the one discovered in the Harry Potter saga had been approached for another princess role some time ago? Indeed, during an interview Emma Watson described being asked to play Cinderella (eventually played by Lily James) in the 2015 live-action Only the young woman refused at the time, adding that today The role of Belle resonated more for her. The actress told Total Film: “I did not know they were going to the Beauty and the Beast at that time I refused Cinderella, but when they offered me nice, I felt that the character Was much more like Cinderella’s, and she is curious, compassionate and open-minded, and this is the kind of woman I would like to incarnate as a role model. ”
Emma Watson is an actress and wife very committed as we have seen through its various actions. In 2014, the young woman becomes a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN and is also actively participating in the HerForShe campaign to promote equal opportunities. Like the character who made her known Hermione Granger, the actress has similarities. The two young women are engaged – remember the Front of Liberation of the House Elves of Hermione – are not afraid to say what they think and possess a strong character. Points away from the role of Cinderella , which is not really a dynamic character with a character that impresses. One can then understand why Emma Watson feels more in phase with Belle whose story puts forward her will and the fact that she fights for those she loves. The actress has invested himself thoroughly in the role to give a new dimension to the character of Disney and build its past. Here Belle is an inventor and her artisan father, showing that the young woman is far from turning her thumbs.
” Belle has this kind of aura of underdog, and this will to fight what is expected of her. In a way, it challenges the status quo of where they live, and I find it very inspiring . It manages to keep its integrity and has a completely independent view. It is not easily influenced by the opinions of others or fear ” . It will therefore be expected to change in the most modern live-action in which the actress gave much of himself, even declining the title role of La La Land to spend it. Pending the Beauty and the Beast in March, discover Emma Watson Beautiful singing in the trailer unveiled at the Golden Globes! What role do you see Emma Watson, Cinderella or Belle?