The Beauty and the Beast: Emma Watson sings “I did not know” and it’s magic!

Cinema 30 December, 2016

A Christmas present a little late, but a news that promises beautiful things for 2017. Listen to Emma Watson sing some notes of “I do not know”.

Well yes, we grant you, the quality is not at the top and we would have preferred Disney shares with us a true extract of Beauty and the Beast , but for now, it suffices to that. Mickey’s house has long teased Emma Watson in the role of Beautiful without showing us anything, forcing our imagination to work. Fortunately they eventually crack and reveal a beautiful trailer for Beauty and the Beast where heroin was visible, surrounded by all the key characters from the classic. As the release of the film approaches, the derivatives begin to unveil their secrets, notably the doll Belle who sings! Yes, it is through the latter that we can hear Emma Watson sing a few notes of “I Did Not Do” in English.
If the young woman had pushed the ditty in Noah , this time it gives back and recognize good accent so British , producer Jack Morrisey himself has confirmed that it was indeed the voice of ‘actress. As much to say that we are more excited than ever to the idea to discover the film whose release is scheduled for March 22nd. Beauty and the Beast is obviously one of the most anticipated films of 2017 !