The Beauty and the Beast: Luke Evans evokes the changes in the history of Gaston

More than two days to wait before discovering the live-action The Beauty and the Beast at the cinema. The opportunity to find your favorite characters, with some changes.
Few hours left ! The Disney Live-Action The Beauty And The Beast will be released on Wednesday in French cinemas and you will finally find the magic of this eternal story. We warn you, Disney made some changes in the story and if the plot stays the same, we have the chance to find out more about some characters. This is the case for Gaston, played by Luke Evans . Interviewed by US magazine The Hollywood Reporter, the actor indulged in the new details unveiled on the character. Gaston was a Captain in the army, he was a soldier, and it shows in his costume . ” He said: ” We talked a lot with Bill (Condon the director, ndrl) .
He continues: “He’s a hunter, he rides a horse, wears a weapon, we created this story around a small French village that he had to protect from an invasion when he was younger. The happiest came from this battle because it was at that moment that he gained notoriety and his status as a hero in the village (…) he had 15 minutes of glory and he hung there forever. (…) I think he’s suffering from post-traumatic stress, he has trouble managing his anger, he has a big ego problem … “. Yes, if some changes were made at Gaston, it does not have better character for that!

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