The best and worst cine rumors of 2016!

Cinema 25 December, 2016

The year cine 2016 was the occasion of many rumors. Some pretty cool, some rather … bad. Small selection of our favorites!
As every year, at the time of the filming of an expected production, rumors flourish on the canvas. So when millions of fans eagerly awaiting a Star Wars or Fifty Shades , studios find themselves obliged to disseminate information. Some people like it, others a lot less. Without forgetting the sites like TMZ, Hollywood Reporter or Screenrant who go to the scoops hunt in the hope to get the news unpublished. And among all the movie releases of the year 2016, melty decided to celebrate this holiday season to share with you the best but also the worst rumors . Of course, this selection is purely subjective so do not hesitate to share your ranking in the comments!
The Return of Darth Vader in Rogue One?
The fans had seen him in film since Revenge of the Sith . While the first information about Star Wars Rogue One, who nearly had a different ending , beginning to fall, much evoked the presence of Darth Vader . And for good reason: this spin-off takes place before episode 4 at a time when the master of evil is more powerful than ever, this possibility was not to be dismissed. Then one day, a new trailer is unveiled in which the master of evil appears in front of Orson Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn). It was no less necessary for this rumor to be confirmed and make it one of the best for fans of the franchise!
Spider-Man joins the MCU
With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 , Sony had suffered a huge commercial and critical failure. From then on, many feared not to find the Weaver on the big screen before a long time. Not to mention that the hero had experienced many adventures since 2002, the date of the first film directed by Sam Raimi. Many hoped for his return under the guidance of Marvel Studios, in 2016 more powerful than ever. And even though that possibility seemed an impossible time due rights, Spider-Man has indeed appeared in Captain America: Civil War and a first trailer of his solo film, Spider-Man Homecoming was even unveiled . A rumor that pleased the fans of Marvel who probably did not expect to see the latter confirmed.
Ian Somerhalder to replace Jamie Dornan?
This is the rumor that was a little taken aback fans of the saga Fifty Shades . In an interview, Jamie Dornan had been very evasive about the corridor noises concerning his replacement in the title role by Ian Somerhalder, star of the series Vampire Diaries. For now, that fans of the adventures of Christian Gray and Anastasia reassure, Jamie Dornan will continue to take the title role. But it is not impossible that at the time of filming the third installment, Ian Somerhalder resume the hand. Not to mention one that also takes a leading role in the series The Fall has repeatedly implied that Fifty Shades no longer interested really. Probably the worst rumor for the fans!
The spin-off of Harley Quinn
This is the rumor that has divided DC fans the most. The utility or not of a spin-off of Harley Quinn. Admittedly Suicide Squad has disappointed many viewers and has been repeatedly criticized for its side “Harley Quinn Show” (alongside a Deadshot too emphasized). Therefore, the possibility of a movie entirely centered around the “girlfriend” of the Joker does not really packed some of DC fans . After months of speculation, the project has actually been launched: it will be directed by David Ayer (director of … Suicide Squad ) and will be called Gotham City Sirens . Good or bad rumor, we leave you give us your opinion!
A much more violent Wolverine 3
With the success of Deadpool , the usually chilly studios to the idea of proposing violent superhero movies have decided to open the way for a new genre. And the second to step into the breach appears to be Wolverine 3 , always in the role as Hugh Jackman. The first rumors evoked a very dark film and gore, in the line of the comics Old Man Logan, rumors confirmed later by the projection of the first minutes of the film to journalists. Of course, the classification Rated R film does not mean it will be good but will eventually move away a little too wise MCU products … oops. Good rumor so!
The entire DCU
The golden palm of the worst rumors comes back to the DCU, which has greatly disappointed the fans over the months. Between Batman Vs Superman and Suicide Squad considered failures, production delays Batman or The Flash (which lost its director), the pessimistic rumors are chained for Warner. However, the intention was laudable: to create a super-heroic mythology compete for Marvel Studios by offering darker and mature movies . A wave probably initiated by Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight. Only then, the sauce still does not take. Hopefully in 2017, the rumors around the productions of the DCU will be much more positive!