The best zombie movies, those that prepare you to approach the Apocalypse OKLM

Cinema 24 January, 2017

Yeah yeah, if a zombie attack decimates your neighborhood tomorrow, you will not stutter in Yugoslavia thanks to all these movies …
“If you want to make old bones in this job, be free like the air. Everything that has been able to take a place in your life, you must be able to get rid of it in thirty seconds shows in hand as soon as you have spotted a only cop in the corner ” . Replaces “cop” by “zombie” , and you get your first lesson in survival provided by this pigheaded De Niro in “Heat” . Otherwise, you can make you full of “The Walking Dead” , or even make you the movies on January 25 to bid farewell to the queen Milla Jovovich, who will kick some zombie ass for the last time in “RESIDENT EVIL: FINAL CHAPTER ” . This is the first film of our zombie selection to imperatively survive to survive in case of attack (we will not lie, it will happen sooner or later eh).
“Resident Evil”
And yeah, after 14 years of loyal service and 6 films in the legs, Milla Jovovich will end the saga “Resident Evil” with “Resident Evil: FINAL CHAPTER” which arrives this Wednesday, January 25th in cinemas . And it was written that all this brothel had to end where it all began: this damned city of Racoon City, where zoner undead continues, but also fairly chelous creatures (#WTF dragons). Alice aka the most badass redhead film, finds his corn, but also its old demons like Dr. Sam Isaacs (portrayed by actor Iain Glen, who is friendzoner by Daenerys in GoT). Something to please the fans of the saga and the video game, which will be titillated by the many references. Perso, and without disclosing too much about this 6th episode, I was glad to find the famous hall with laser beams that scatter you puzzle way, theater of a cult scene in the very first film. True people know.
Resident evil chapter final chapter milla jovovich
When your day ends really badly …
“28 days later”
Cap on England for the second film of this list. “28 Days Later” is a good butcher, who could blame animal advocates to Rémi Gaillard. Bah yeah, if the whole country is contaminated it is because of animal protection activists who wanted to release monkeys from a scientific laboratory. Result: it is the first that will be eaten by the sick primates and go pandemic spread throughout the island in 28 days #EpicFail . In the middle of this immense carnage, Cillian Murphy (the hunk of “The Dark Knight” , “Inception” , “Peaky Blinders” …) wakes up from a coma and how Rick Grimes finds himself well despite plunging him into the chaos. Special mention to the soundtrack, used in all the anguishing reports of TMC, C8, M6 …
“The Night of the Living Dead”
The reference film. One on which will be modeled later most zombie movies Series B, but also the genius of Michael Jackson in his music video “Thriller” . Small amateur film unpretentious and especially without much sorrel, “Night of the Living Dead” is a horror behind closed doors 1968 cult with George Romero in charge. It begins in a cemetery, where Barbara (Judith O’Dea) takes her brother Johnny back to the grave of their father. There, they are attacked by a zombie, which will tear the brother into pieces. Frightened, Barbara will then take refuge in a shack, where she will then be joined by Ben, an African-American truck driver . Yeah, I did mention that he was Afro, because at the time, casting the lead role to a black actor was a more than symbolic gesture, although the director always claimed that Duane Jones had been casted for His talent and not his skin color. These considerations aside, “Night of the Living Dead” is a small enough gore jewel that will delight fans of the genre, which can also be cast as Daleux on 5 suites , compiled in “The Saga of the Zombies” .
“Shaun of the Dead”
One finds the British with a sub-genre more and more popular around the films of zombies: the parody. “Shaun of The Dead” addressing several winks to the references of the genre, including the works of George Romero (as the movie title, a nod to “Dawn of the Dead” ). This is the opportunity for Simon Pegg and potos series “Spaced” to go on full spin and leave during their delusions . In the film, Shaun (Simon Pegg) is dropped by his girlfriend and lives a conflictual relationship with her stepfather. Two good reasons to get a breed with his bro Ed (Nick Frost) at the Winchester, their favorite bar. But coming out of the pub, badly drunk, the pair realize that the whole city has turned into zombie . They decide to go and rescue their loved ones. A suicide mission dotted with second degree, cynicism and British humor. That is the demand of the people ? For the record, the film is inspired by an episode of the series “Spaced” in which Shaun Pegg, totally stoned to amphet, think fight zombies in real life as he is playing in Resident Evil 2 …
“Welcome to Zombieland”
The other movie to watch if you want to laugh in front of zombies. The cast is brilliant, with a special mention to the guest performance of Bill Murray, who plays his own role. “Zombieland” is a mini-guide with all the rules in case of zombie invasion . Style “rule No. 1: have good cardio” , because running it’s still a good idea to face a starved that wants to gut you. Good advice yarns throughout the film by Jesse aka einsenberg Columbus, who teams in its road trip to his home with Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), an ultra-badass zombie hunter addicted to Twinkie . On the way, they will come across two lovely scammers, Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin). In short, that actors at the top for one of the best comedies of the last decade.
“Planet Terror”
And a tribute to the B-series, with a master of the genre, Robert Rodriguez, the pupil of Quentin Tarantino. So, do not be surprised by the deliberately exaggerated violence of the film and the liters of blood spilled. It’s Rodriguez and it’s totally enjoyable! The story ? Patients find themselves infected with a strange disease that turns them into bloodthirsty beasts. Well, it’s mostly an excuse for the director of “Sin City” to swing us around a dirty cast 5 stars (Rose McGowan and her machine gun leg, Freddy Rodriguez, Bruce Willis, Josh Brolin, Fergie, Marley Shelton. ..). This completely blocked visual object is part of the diptych Grindhouse, with the famous “Death Proof” from Tarantino.
“I’m a legend”
Ok, creatures present in “I Am Legend” is not really zombies. They can even be brought closer to the vampires, since they fear the sunlight. Moreover, in the eponymous book of Richard Matheson, the vampiric myth is much more present (pious, garlic, cross …). If the director Francis Lawrence turned to the codes “zombie”, it is certainly because more slap to the movies and the nice VS wicked opposition is more evident with the undead . In fact his “I Am Legend” is a little “Cast Away” zombie version, with a dog instead of Wilson and Will Smith in the role of Tom Hanks. An efficient and modern blockbuster. To have.
“The Army of the Dead”
“When there is more room in hell, the dead return to Earth” . The tagline of “Dawn of the Dead” live the tone: this is the guy Apocalypse! Without real explanation, the world actually wakes up one morning with hordes of zombies in the streets. After seeing her husband Luis be shredded by the neighbor, Ana Clark, character played by Sarah Polley, finds refuge in a shopping center with a small group of survivors . And that’s when the shit starts … This film by Zack Snyder is actually a remake of “Zombie” George Romero (again) dating back to 1978. Many fans of the original work were skeptical at first, Before finally greeting the taff of Snyder at the exit of the film. Somewhat the opposite of what happened to “Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice” what …
“The horde”
It’s not that the Ricans and the English who are trying to zombies films eh. France also has a representative from “The Horde” in 2009. So, we will not lie, it’s not the masterpiece of the century, far from it, but the delirium dive zombies in a HLM bar is pretty cool . And then it’s the opportunity to see cops and scoundrels working together for a common purpose: to survive and massacre the undead. The France we love.
“World War Z”
A big budget production and it shows on the screen. In this summer 2013 blockbuster, Brad Pitt plays a former UN investigator who launches a race against the clock around the world to discover the origin of an epidemic that turns people into zombies . But be careful, these zombies are not advancing in slow motion. They choped the broadband and gallop faster than Bolt. If it can strike at the start, this shift results in a few scenes like when a gigantic huge zombie horde attacks the walled city of Jerusalem . On the other hand, the ridiculous product placement at the end of the film is a direct red card Brad …