The Big Bang Theory Season 10: Episode 10, war was declared between Sheldon and Leonard, our reactions

Cinema 2 December, 2016

Last night the American channel CB aired episode 10 of season 10 of The Big Bang Theory. Then discover without further delay our reactions before gifs “The Property Division Collision”.

big-bang-theory-mariage-saison-5-leonardAfter two weeks, we finally found the season 10 of The Big Bang Theory for a new episode and the least we can say is that it was worth the wait because “The Property Division Collision” is hilarious. War is declared between Sheldon and Leonard on one side and Stuart Raj and the other, sprinkled with jokes and replicas spicy! The episode 10 of season 10 of The Big Bang Theory begins when Amy Sheldon offers to change a little decoration of Penny’s apartment. The first change needed is to make the painting of Amy and Penny to it. Suffice to say that the reaction Penny is worth its weight in gold, because as you know, she hates this table. But most important is that this will lead Sheldon and Leonard to divide their possessions. And, as you can imagine, Sheldon wants to keep it all!
“It’s not my fault that I’m not good to share, I skipped kindergarten!” Sheldon balance as justification.
Leonard then decides he wants to keep the flag of their apartment, just to annoy Sheldon and it works! Sheldon decides to leave the apartment by running: “Well, I can recognize when you do not want me” , and Amy then said out loud what everyone thinks everything down: “I’m not sure about that but ok ” !
But revenge is a dish best served cold and then Sheldon decides to change the password for the WIFI – all say we would not have appreciated!
Besides having good ideas for super excited Leonard, Sheldon is at the top level replicas that break. Leonard after he was told: “Ok, I’ll try” , he swings him: ” ‘Ok I have tried” should be the title of your autobiography ” – Sheldon is on fire.
The war does not stop there since then Sheldon came face-to-face with Leonard makes his laundry and it covers only the flag of their apartment, in a toga. Sheldon is outraged and the scene is just great.
Meanwhile, Stuart visits Howard and Bernadette with a special gift for parents: coupons for their help. He wants to return to live with them because it was done out of doors.
Bernadette is not too much for Howard but think it may be a good idea. Raj is surprised that Stuart is back at Bernadette and Howard and asked jokingly if they are aware – Raj good one!
Soon, a rivalry develops between Stuart and Raj because they both want to help Bernadette and Howard.
We must finally Bernadette announced that she would give birth to Stuart and Raj stop arguing and finally form a team. And yes, Bernadette will finally have the baby!
On the side of Sheldon and Leonard, the war ended with the intervention of a certain Theodore, a man to whom Sheldon rented his room for 1 dollar. While the two friends continue to argue, Theodore made them realize that if they are so nasty with each other is because in fact they are missing now that they no longer live together. Who would have thought that one day Leonard regret the time he living with Sheldon? In any case the two friends finally make up, and even allows Sheldon Leonard to keep the flag. Unfortunately, there will still be no new episode next week, so we will have to wait to see Bernadette’s birth to be held in the mid-season finale in season 10 of The Big Bang Theory! What did you think of this episode?