The Big Bang Theory season 10: Episode 12, a hectic holiday, our reactions

Cinema 7 January, 2017

Last night, the American channel CBS broadcast episode 12 of season 10 of The Big Bang Theory. Then discover our reactions in gifs before “The Holiday Summation”.
After a break of three weeks, The Big Bang Theory was back last night on CBS with an all new episode of the tenth season. Like us, the characters have just finished celebrating the holidays of years and then they take the opportunity for all to meet and tell each other their respective adventures . As you know, in the 11 episode of season 10 of The Big Bang Theory , Howard and Bernadette had their little girl, which means that their life will change awfully and we had a little insight into this first winter . But the episode begins with the story of Sheldon and Amy, who spent the holidays in Texas, at Sheldon’s mother. Sheldon tells her mother that he lives with Amy, at her request and her reaction does not surprise anyone except Sheldon.
If Sheldon’s mother admits she would have preferred her son to be married before she lives with a woman, she is just glad that he found one! A revelation that does not enjoy Sheldon … Once again, Sheldon’s hard to see that someone is rather special – sacred Sheldon!
Much has when Amy and Sheldon’s mother talk by saying just “blah” because Sheldon had left the room and he did not know what she was saying – it was well done!
Sheldon began a real rebellion, will even end up being him to pierce his ear!
While on holiday with them, Penny and Leonard apparently benefit from the absence of Sheldon to celebrate Christmas background – their clothes are too adorable – and even decide to go and cut their own Christmas tree …
As might – just – be expected, it does not happen very and a succession of misfortunes happening to them. First the cup apparently was not the moment of glory of Leonard. Then the fir tree slipped from the roof of the car. Then, with the elevator still not working, they galley well mounted the fir tree to their homes. Special mention for Penny says: “Leonard, there is a tree on you” . Finally, it seems that they have brought back a little more than a fir in their home …
Obviously, the episode ended on the story of Bernadette, Howard, Stuart and Raj and the baby. And if we had already had a glimpse of the vocal power of Halley in episode 11, episode 12 of season 10 of The Big Bang Theory confirms that it has inherited from her grandmother. The “what have we done?” Of Bernadette says a lot too …
Finally, after weeping and crying – from the baby and Bernadette – it has found the solution to calm her daughter to sleep in the cradle with her! Yes, Bernadette is so small that.
Despite everything, we can see how Howard and Bernadette are happy with their baby. The scene where Howard congratulates his wife for having slept Halley is really adorable. This episode made us laugh a lot less than the previous one, but it’s still fun to find the whole band. Moreover, it is the first time that the series offers us an intrigue constructed in this way, where we do not relive the adventures of each one through flashbacks. We are also surprised that they do not celebrate the holidays together, but after all, they also age and have their families. What did you think of this episode?