The Big Bang Theory season 10: Episode 13, the couple of Penny and Leonard in danger?

Cinema 13 January, 2017

Discover all the news about the season 10 episode of The Big Bang Theory, which will air on January 19th on the American channel CBS.

This week, we have unfortunately been no new episode of The Big Bang Theory, the series is also part of those that work best in the US , and it will therefore wait until next Thursday CBS n ‘ Disseminates a new one. Fortunately, to help you wait until next week, we invite you to discover the synopsis, promo photos and the promo video of this episode, entitled “The Romance Recalibration” . In episode 13, we see that the pair formed by Penny and Leonard will start to encounter some difficulties especially related to the fact that they now live together and Leonard’s behavior is not very respectful of Penny . Indeed, when she feels that Leonard takes her for granted, she decides to go for a spa weekend with Amy.
If one believes the promo video above, Leonard and Penny will even come to ask for help in Sheldon asking him to make them a “couple of contract!” That promises already to be a very big moment and Sheldon is obviously more than delighted to be able to do that. It would also seem that the two couples will spend a weekend in a spa, according to the promotional photos. Meanwhile, Howard and Raj will try to repair the floor of the baby’s room, which keeps cringing. We hope so that the baby of Howard and Bernadette will be calmer than in episode 12 of season 10 of The Big Bang Theory . That promises another good episode, strongly next week! What do you think ?