The Big Bang Theory Season 10: Episode 7, Amy hiding something in Sheldon, our reactions

Cinema 5 November, 2016

the-big-bang-theory-saison-10-tbbt-posterLast night, the CBS aired episode 7 of season 10 of The Big Bang Theory. Then discover our reactions before gifs “The Veracity Elasticity”.

Decidedly, the Shamy couple is honored in the last episodes of the season 10 of The Big Bang Theory , especially because we continue to monitor their cohabitation. Despite a difficult start between Sheldon and Amy, they seem to finally have found their rhythm, they even invited people home last week. This week’s episode opens with a new issue of Fun with Flags that Sheldon and Amy have for the first since the Penny’s apartment. They have a surprising addition to the issuance Howard and Raj are there to make music . The theme song has made us laugh, a very good addition to Fun with Flags!
Shortly after, one discovers that Amy is hiding something from Sheldon ! She is lying about her apartment which repairs have been completed in recent weeks The young woman did this in order to spend more time with Sheldon – this Leonard has trouble understanding .
This episode focuses on small lies because Howard soon reveals to Leonard Penny removes small to small objects of its various collections from the apartment and placed in a storage locker.
The best moment of the episode’s still one where Sheldon Leonard and begin to talk in Klingon and cons-attack to Penny and Amy Amy speak the secret language invented – HI-LA-RANT!
The truth finally exploded and against all odds, Sheldon is willing to stay with Amy and lived with it, one is delighted!
Sheldon is still some concern about what Leonard and Penny are going to do with his room – “BUT THAT’S MY ROOM” – but it is undeniable that he and Amy are meant to be together, as he realizes when they discuss philosophy in the hallway. Otherwise, we are still trying to erase from our memory Sheldon the dream scene in which one sees in Penny dominatrix … #Awkward . Anyway, it’s still a good episode for season 10 of The Big Bang Theory . If last week was a little less convinced, everything as this early season is really good and original , in short, we want more! What did you think of this episode?